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Mauro Lilling Naparty LLP is a firm with a conscience.  We pride ourselves on always trying our best to do the “right thing” by our clients and guide them accordingly.  The MLN experience usually begins with an honest and objective assessment of your case.  Our goal is to achieve the best result in a cost efficient manner at any stage of the litigation.  Whether we join the litigation team before trial, during trial, or for a post-trial motion and appeal after trial, we have shown our clients that adding MLN to the team changes the litigation landscape and often expedites a successful resolution.  Retaining effective appellate counsel early makes an impression on both opposing counsel and the trial judge.

All of our clients are important to the firm.  Whether an institution or an individual, our commitment is to provide an exceptional product accompanied by the best service available, anywhere.  We also make every effort to provide value to clients beyond our appellate services.  We offer seminars, in-house training, publications, referrals and introductions.  With respect to our fee arrangement, we strive to meet the client’s objectives.  Most clients, after considering various options, continue to prefer that our work be performed at standard hourly billing.  Others prefer an alternative approach.  Under the right circumstances, and depending on the nature of the work, we have embraced alternative billing arrangements.

We know you have a choice in your selection of counsel.  And in this ever-changing economy, clients often appreciate when appellate counsel is able to resolve a case without the need for prolonged litigation, including the cost of an appeal.  Trial judges listen to appellate counsel’s perspective (as no court likes to be reversed), and adversaries take note (because they do not want to be faced with the prospect of an appeal). Cases are often best resolved by virtue of the threat of a meritorious appeal taken from a well-made record as well as the uncertainty of the outcome. 

As articulated by many great sport coaches, “the will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win.”  When called in early, we are able to do everything possible to prepare to win an appeal long before the notice of appeal is filed.  And in cases when we are called to handle an appeal even after the record has been made, our fresh perspective and experience are often the keys to success on appeal.

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