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Mauro Lilling Naparty LLP has a deep understanding of appellate courts.  Our attorneys leverage their nearly one-hundred years of combined appellate experience to craft forceful, persuasive briefs and to navigate the appellate process. The firm offers more than just in-depth legal research, sophisticated analysis, and effective briefs; it brings a fresh perspective and an objective review to the litigation landscape.

Clients rely on our comprehensive and evenhanded evaluations to better understand their chances of success when deciding to appeal or when forced to defend against an appeal.  Our evaluations of potential appellate issues give clients a roadmap to plan for and understand the range of appellate outcomes.  This insight into potential outcomes empowers clients to make more accurate strategic decisions about their cases.  When clients decide to move forward with an appeal, our attorneys are on hand to offer creative and cost-effective solutions.

Winning difficult appeals requires more than just exceptional written advocacy.  Our attorneys write for the busy appellate judges and clerks that make up the appellate audience, and they understand what makes for engaging and persuasive written arguments.  Beyond preparing briefs, the firm’s attorneys possess deep experience and demonstrated talent in oral advocacy in both state and federal appellate courts.  The results of our written and oral advocacy speak for themselves, as our success rate on appeal far exceeds the national average.

Yet, our firm also recognizes that sometimes the best outcome after retaining appellate counsel may be to resolve a matter before it comes to an appellate decision.  Institutional clients are often just as concerned about shaping the law as they are with individual outcomes.  Our firm takes special care to weigh trends in the litigation landscape when advising clients about how to proceed with an appeal.

Mediation and settlement during the appellate process provide another avenue for the firm to favorably resolve litigation.  Whether before or after the trial judge has made a decision or the jury has rendered a verdict, appellate issues can alter expectations about how a case should be mediated or settled.  Our proven successes in prosecuting and defending appeals brings credibility to the mediation and settlement process because judges and mediators know we are prepared to oversee the case to its best possible conclusion.

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