Mauro Lilling Naparty LLP is the largest firm in the Northeast dedicated to Appellate Advocacy and Litigation Strategy.  For 25 years, MLN has nimbly handled state and federal matters in various appellate courts throughout the nation.  With our staff of experienced appellate practitioners and former law clerks to appellate judges, we know what works and our rate of success proves it. Our overall rate of success on appeal is 70 percent, far exceeding the national average.

A defining characteristic of MLN’s boutique appellate practice is that we do not handle cases from inception. This gives us the unique ability to provide our clients with an objective assessment of the issues. Unlike trial and appellate counsel within the walls of the same litigation firm, we offer a fresh view of the case and often a different approach to the litigation strategy. Importantly, our interests are always aligned with our clients, and we will recommend settlement if we believe that settlement offers the best possible outcome without an appeal.

MLN is a firm with a conscience. We pride ourselves on always trying our best to do the “right thing” by our clients. Our goal is to achieve the best possible result in a cost efficient manner at any stage of the litigation. Whether we join the litigation team pretrial, during trial, or for an appeal after trial, we have shown our clients that adding outside appellate counsel to the team changes the landscape of the litigation and often expedites a successful resolution.

Our cases involve a wide variety of practice areas, including commercial litigation, employment law, construction litigation, premises liability, general negligence, medical malpractice, matrimonial, healthcare law, toxic  torts, defamation,  entertainment   law,  legal   and   other  professional  malpractice, punitive damages, insurance coverage, and insurance bad faith claims.

MLN is a full service appellate advisor, and we are here to offer support, guidance, and strategy at any stage of the litigation. While the use of appellate counsel is often and traditionally considered after an order or verdict has been rendered in the trial court, our core value is the objective appreciation of what the optimal result looks like for our client and how to best achieve it at any stage of litigation.

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