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Litigation strategy:

A valued member of the litigation team

APPEALS.  MLN has a deep understanding of state and federal appellate courts around the nation.  In addition to crafting forceful, persuasive briefs and oral arguments, our attorneys leverage their experience to create meaningful opportunities for our clients during the appellate process. LEARN MORE

LITIGATION STRATEGY.  We are not just advocates -- we are strategists.  Waiting until there is an adverse decision or verdict is often not the best or most efficient use of appellate counsel.  We understand that our clients want to mitigate risk, limit exposure and resolve cases when possible, all while maintaining an aggressive, cogent and targeted legal defense in an effort to achieve the optimal outcome. LEARN MORE

Damage mitigation:

Early + aggressive defense of damages

DAMAGE MITIGATION.  The vast majority of cases settle at some point during litigation.  Yet, the defense of damages is often an afterthought for trial counsel who is primarily and understandably focused on issues related to liability.  However, we recognize that equally important as a strong liability defense is an early and aggressive damages defense in order to achieve the best outcome, whether by settlement or verdict.  And we serve as National Coordinating Counsel on Damages for several of our clients. LEARN MORE

Case from inception:

High exposure litigation program

HIGH EXPOSURE LITIGATION PROGRAM.  The purpose of our program is to provide an alternative to the traditional model of case handling, so that select matters do not pass through the same routinized pre-trial preparation process.  As an appellate firm, we are best suited to identify key legal issues from the outset and fully develop those issues throughout discovery to ensure that every key issue is identified and properly framed, and that all available defenses are thoroughly explored and implemented. LEARN MORE


The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.
— Albert Einsetin